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NEW Generation Flexible Wire Replacement

ERICO® FLEXIBAR® is a flexible busbar wire replacement solution for low voltage applications available from 27 mm² up to 1200 mm² and 125 A to 2800 A.

  • ERICO® FLEXIBAR® is formed with multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper insulated with a high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC or silicone compound. The insulating sleeve is grooved on the inner surface, reducing the contact surface with the laminates to less than 20%, increasing flexibility and making installation easier.
  • ERICO FLEXIBAR connections are made by punching and bolting directly through
    the laminates or by clamping or welding. There are no lugs to purchase, helping to eliminate faulty connection problems and making installation simpler and faster.
  • Easily formed, ERICO FLEXIBAR improves assembly flexibility and aesthetics of panels
  • Ideal alternative to large cable & rigid busbar
  • Quality: 100% production dielectric tested

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Product Description

certification eriflex flexibar

  • Conductor is electrolytic copper (Cu-ETP)
  • Insulation is high-resistance vinyl compound :
    – Elongation: 370%
    – Maximum working temperature: 105ºC
    – Minimum working temperature: -25ºC
    – Thickness: 2 mm ± 0,2
    – Self-extinguishing: UL® 94 VO
    – Dielectric strength: 20kV/mm

Superior Flexibility

• Copper laminates are free to slide within the insulation
• High insulation quality
• Wide variety of bending, twisting & folding possibilities

Diverse Applications

• Working Temperature -25°C up to 105°C (-13°F up to 221°F) ERICO FLEXIBAR
• Nominal voltage = 1000 V AC/1500 V DC (IEC & UL®)
• Self-extinguishable
• High mechanical resistance
• High elongation value
• High current withstanding
• High copper quality (99.9% purity)
• High conductivity

Innovative patent pending insulation*

ERICO FLEXIBAR has added grooves on the inner surface of the insulation sleeve to improve sliding between the central conductor and the insulation material. The grooves help reduce the contact surface between the central conductor and the insulation material. This results in improved flexibility of the flexible busbar. Result: <20% of the inner surface is in contact with the central conductor. This ERICO patentpending idea makes ERICO FLEXIBAR more flexible than ever, and allows users to optimize the design of their electrical power connection.

* This patent is applicable for the cross section indication by “*” on the part number.
Refer to table on page 14”



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